Buddhakind Coffee

Buddhakind Coffee is local coffee at its finest. A West Coast Canadian brand that began its journey in Gibson’s, BC, we take great pride in delivering specialty coffee bean roasts to our retail customers!

Extensive years of industry experience have lead us to develop valuable supplier relationships, ensuring that customers receive the highest quality and best tasting coffee on the market. 

Craft Roasting

Buddhakind is roasted locally in Vancouver, BC at a carbon neutral facility. Beans are roasted in small batches to ensure freshness and to guarantee that we're getting the best beans to you quickly and efficiently!

Our Roasts

Our Coffee Beans are masterfully blended following our unique recipes to create four distinct and great coffee blends. The Buddhakind brand has been taste tested against leading brands and  come out on top time and time again.

Full Brazilian

All the smoothness, none of the pain. Tones of caramel and hazelnut with a velvety finish.

Pleases a wide range of coffee drinkers.


Dragonfly Blend

Our well-rounded medium roast smile with bright citrus highlights and hints of chocolate.

We'll be surprised if this doesn't make your day a little sweeter.


 Enlightenment Blend

The Enlightenment blend is dark roasted and full of flavours with deep, fudgy overtones.

It's perfect for dark drinkers who prefer no acidity or bitterness.


Inspire Espresso

You can't help but feel inspired by this full bodied espresso. It's bold, right in flavour

and comes with hints of caramel.


Buddhakind Coffee Co

Carefully Crafted. Locally Roasted.

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For the last 7 years, WA-2!, a water, coffee and tea distributor has been selling the Buddhakind brand to offices in Vancouver, the Lower-Mainland and Calgary. During that time they have noticed that when put in a taste test against the leading coffee brands Buddhakind was chosen time and time again.

The growth of the Buddhakind brand in Office sales shows the quick adoption of the brand and continued repeat purchase. Buddhakind is now available to retail business and we look forward to our combined success as we expand the Buddhakind brand in the retail space.

Office Coffee Services Exclusively Supplied By:

WA-2! Water Coffee Tea


WA-2! is Western Canada’s leader for office and home water filtration services and the best office coffee. WA-2! provides premium coffee (including Buddhakind), tea, juices and all other office necessities!

If you are interested in bringing the Buddhakind experience to your office please contact WA-2! directly HERE.